Privacy Policy

Kikuchi Legal Firm (hereinafter referred to as “our firm”), as Shiho-Shoshi lawyer that is a legal profession aiming to protect the rights of the citizens and realize a social justice, is committed to protecting the privacy of confidential and “Personal Information” (Information that can identify an individual, such as name, date of birth, address, and telephone number. It also includes those which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual.)

(Compliance with laws and regulations)
Article 1  Our firm will comply with the Law Concerning the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (Act No. 57 of  2003), other relevant laws and Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer ethics,  and will properly protect personal information.

(Acquisition of personal information)
Article 2 Our firm will acquire personal information to the extent necessary for the utilization purpose by lawful and proper means.

(Utilization purpose of personal information)
Article 3 Our firm shall use personal information within the scope of the following purposes and will not use it in other cases.

  1. When there is  consent of the principal who clarified utilization purpose.
  2. Response to inquiries or consultation.
  3. Carrying out our legal services that principal ordered.
  4. Sending greetings, or information on our firm or our legal services.
  5. Purpose that is recognized to have relevance within reasonable scope to each of the above.

(Provision to third parties)
Article 4 Our firm will not provide personal information to third parties unless there is the consent of the principal who clarified the utilization purpose or it required in accordance with laws.

(Construction of the safety management system)
Article 5 Our firm, establishing a safety management system within the office that adheres to laws and Shiho-Shoshi ethics, educating and supervising over employees, take necessary and appropriate to prevent leakage, loss or damage  of personal information.

(Disclosure, correction, utilization cease, etc. of personal information)
Article 6 In connection with the personal information held by our firm, when the request for disclosure, correction or cease that clarified the reason from the principal or the agent has been requested, after confirming that the person is genuine principal or agent of the principal, we will respond  in accordance with the provisions of the law concerning the protection of personal information.

(The information desk)
Article 7 Inquiries window regarding this Privacy Policy or other personal information is as follows.

Kikuchi Legal Firm
Shiho-Shoshi lawyer Hiroaki Kikuchi
#603 Nissin-Plaza Motomachi
161-1 Yamashita-cho Isogo-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 231-0023
TEL 045-353-5374

(Revisions to this Privacy Policy)
Article 8 Our firm may revise this Privacy Policy within the scope of the relevant laws and regulations stipulated in Article 1 as necessary for revising the law etc.


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